Conversion Funnel

  • Each second of loading time is a loss of business. That holds even more true when users are within a conversion funnel.
  • We measure each step of your most important paths to help you better understand the health of your funnels and make sure you don’t waste too much sales.

ROI Levers

  • We know performance can be tough to deal with. It can be cumbersome to find out where you can have the most efficient impact.
  • We identify for you bottlenecks and give you a prioritized plan for your optimization. We streamline your work and make sure you focus on what matters.


  • You can’t always prevent your website from going down.
  • In case anything happens, we’ll let you know immediately by email, text message or even telegram. You’ll finally be the first on the ground before you lose too many sales.


  • Even for technical people, performance can be difficult to understand. There are so many variables involved that it’s hard to know what to fix.
  • Once your developer(s) start(s) working on a specific optimization, we pinpoint the issues so that they can solve them in a snap. Our profiler is like having a spy at the core of your store.

Would it work for me?

Contact us to try our Quanta demo and get access to our core features and see if our product is a good fit for your online store.

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