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Having a slow E-Commerce website is a pain for everyone. Visitors leave before they can make a purchase. You’re wasting your Marketing budget. It’s a lose-lose for everyone.

Having trouble improving your website performance? Struggling to understand who’s responsible and how to solve these issues?

Introducing Quanta

What if you could improve your website performance and increase your conversion rate? You’ll make more money and reduce costs ! Just in a few clicks.

What if you could easily diagnose performance issues and easily find out who’s responsible? You’ll better understand everything and save an immense amount of time.

Quanta will help you to improve Customer Experience making sure your website is a top performer and your conversion funnel doesn’t draw people out.

Quanta is the perfect tool to help you better understand your performance and efficiently communicate with your web agency & hosting partners.

Here’s why Head of Ecommerce love Quanta


Conversion Funnel

We measure every step of your most important paths so that you can optimize what matters the most.


ROI Levers

We do the hard work for you. We’ll give you actionable insights into how you can optimize your performance and ROI.


Be first to know

Whenever something is preventing your visitors from buying (slow funnel, unavailable website). You’ll immediately be alerted so that you can fix it ASAP.

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Performance Benefits Revenue

Performance can be a complicated beast. That’s why we boiled down everything we know into one comprehensive eBook.

Running an E-Commerce website? Well, you’ve got to read this. You’ll finally understand what’s going on with your performance and how you can improve it.


“This eBook increased my conversion rates by about 20%”


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The best way to get to know Quanta? Have a look at this TV interview of Guillaume THIBAUX, Co-Founder @ QUANTA.

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